Luck Shines on JCB Driver, Finds Diamond in Panna

Story Highlights
  • JCB driver finds diamond in Panna.
  • The diamond will be auctioned as per govt guidelines.
  • The diamond weighs 0.60 cents.

Panna: A JCB driver hailing from Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh Atar Singh stumble a 0.60 cents diamond in Panna.

Apparently, the man had been serching for a diamond in mines across Panna along with his friend since three years and had finally suceeded now.

This good quality diamond will be put up for sale in the upcoming auction and the price will be fixed as per the government guidelines.

Officials said that the raw diamond would be auctioned and the proceeds would be given to Atar Singh after deduction of the government royalty and taxes.Panna district is estimated to have diamond reserves of 12 lakh carats.

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