Jingan District, to Shut Down as COVID-19 Surges in China

Story Highlights
  • Shanghai's Jingan under lockdown.
  • Mass testing to commence from Sunday to continue until Tuesday.
  • China reports a drastic rise in COVID-19 cases.

China: Shanghai’s central Jingan district, a commercial area of the financial hub is experiencing a complete shutdown. Officials from the estate said that allsupermarkets and shops have to remain shut and residents will have to stay home until at least Tuesday.

Districts officials on their official Wechat account have announced to conduct mass testing from Sunday to Tuesday. Without explaining reasons for the sudden shutdown, officials have barred residents from using all permits used for movements.

Meanwhile on Saturday Shanghai cautiously pushed ahead with plans to restore part of its transport network in a major step towards exiting a weeks-long COVID-19 lockdown, while Beijing kept up its defences in an outbreak that has persisted for a month.Shanghai’s lockdown since the beginning of April has dealt a heavy economic blow to China’s most populous city, stirred debate over the sustainability of the nation’s zero-COVID policy and stoked fears of future lockdowns and disruptions.

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