Journalist Assaulted by 2 Cops, Video Making Rounds

Story Highlights
  • A journalist in Assam was assaulted by cops on Monday.
  • A video of the incident floated on social media.
  • The journalist was questioned for not wearing helmet.

Assam: A video featuring a journalist being assulated by cops has been making rounds on the social media. An outage is seen amongst the journalists of the nation after the law keepers bring down a public representative.

The incident is reported to have occured in Basugaon, Chirang district on Monday. The journalist, Jayant Debnath, can be seen being beaten by the two cops even as a crowd gathered around the spot. Debnath alleges his counter towards the policemen agitated them.

” Two policemen on a bike were not wearing helmets, my only fault was that I questioned them saying what message would it give to the general public. They abused, assaulted me in broad daylight,” the assam journalist said as he interacted with the media reporters.

Taking cognizance of the incident, the Assam Police has registered an FIR against the two constables. “The two cops have been ‘reserved closed’, said Laba Kr Deka, Chirang Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Urging the Assam govt to take quick action, Debnath said, “had the incident occured at night, they would have perhaps shot me dead. I am shocked by their behaviour.”

Further investigation into the matter is underway.

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