Just One Breath: World’s First Inhaled COVID-19 Vaccine Approved

Story Highlights
  • China approves a needle free inhaled version of COVID-19 vaccine- CanSino's Ad5-nCoV for emergency use.
  • China is the first country to approve inhaled version of CanSino's Ad5-nCoV vectored COVID-19 vaccine
  • The vaccine comes as a boon for vaccine hesitant people.

China emerges as the first country to approve a needle free inhaled version of COVID-19 vaccine- CanSino’s Ad5-nCoV for emergency use. Covindecia Air made by Tianjin based CanSino Biologics Inc was approved by China’s National Medical Products Administration.

The vaccine was human tested in March 2020, and is a newer version of CanSino’s one shot COVID Drug. It has been used in Mexico, China, Pakistan and Malaysia after being rolled out in February 2021. Human trial reports indicated that two inhaled doses of Ad5-nCoV vaccine given 28 days apart, elicited similar level of neutralizing antibodies to those of a single injection.

The new version uses a modified cold-causing virus to expose the immune system to coronavirus and presents similarity to those developed by AstraZeneca Plc and Johnson & Johnson.

How will the vaccine benefit an individual:

Convidecia Airâ„¢ is needle-free and can effectively induce comprehensive immune protection in response to SARS-CoV-2 after just one breath,” CanSino Biologics Inc said in its press release on Sunday.
“Convidecia Airâ„¢ can induce strong humoral, cellular and mucosal immunity to achieve triple protection and effectively contain the infection and spread of the virus”, the press release noted.

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