Just Stop Bombing: Zelensky Ahead of Negotiation Talks

Story Highlights
  • Ukraine Emergency services launch helplines to update residents on developments.
  • Local hospital in Kharkiv, bombed.
  • Ukraine President urged immediate EU membership.

Kyiv: Facing stern resistance from the Ukrainian Russia stepped up its efforts to capsize the ex-Soviet Union. As the supposed’ special military operation entered the seventh day, the Ukrainian govt launched helplines on WhatsApp to send people information and critical news about the local situation and safety measures.

Ground sources report Russian paratroopers invaded a local hospital in the eastern region in Kharkiv. The army reported airborne attacks were launched. Reports also reveal that the city of Kherson in the south was capsized by the Russian saboteurs.

Meanwhile, President Biden at the State of Union speech announced a ban on Russian aircraft from using US airspaces. Moreover, the World Bank has announced to send humanitarian aid worth $ 3 billion for Ukraine, which will include at least $350 million in immediate funds.

In a telephonic conversation with President Biden, Zelensky pressed the need to stop’ aggressor’ Russia ‘ as soon as possible’. He urged the EU to prove solidarity by accepting it as a member. In a media briefing on Tuesday, Zelensky urged all NATO members to impose air space restrictions on Russia, citing it as a preventive measure that would not drag the alliance into war with Russia. Setting out his conditions for further talks with Russia, Zelensky said, “ It’s necessary to at least stop bombing people, just stop the bombing and sit down at the negotiating table”.

The interaction came minutes after the Russian artillery targeted a TV tower near a Holocaust memorial site in Kyiv, killing at least 5 people.  The second round of talks between Russia and Ukraine would be held today, according to sources. The first round yielded no tangible results which herald another dialogue by the delegations.

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