Kamal Nath Cake Controversy: Social Worker Apologises for Bringing Cake

Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh: Social worker and director of KKF, Kirti Sudhanshu has presented a public apology regarding the cake episode of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath. During a discussion with reporters on Thursday, Kirti said, “I am hurt by the whole episode. I apologize if anyone has been hurt by this incident, but it was just an expression of feelings towards Kamal Nath ji as a well-wisher.” 

Calling it a plan by the BJP party leaders, she further said, “Legal action will also be taken against those who have spread malicious propaganda against me. Kamal Nath didn’t even cut the cake with the figure of Hanuman Ji, but BJP leaders did bad propaganda without knowing the truth. The BJP District President is my childhood friend. He should not have misused my name like this.”

Kirti also said that she had expressed her feelings about Kamal Nath’s birthday, for which a 25 kg cake was prepared. In the cake, a pyramid-shaped structure was made, which is a symbol of Kamal Nath’s development journey in the district. Along with this, Hanuman Ji was put on a stick which was later taken out, but due to political malfeasance, it was wrongly propagated. She further acknowledged that Kamal Nath has served the public for 42 years, and the feelings were expressed due to his emotional attachment to them.

Concluding her apology, Social worker Kirti further said, “I myself am a devotee of Hanuman. Chhindwara is the city of artists. We also made a cake based on our imagination. Our organization is serving for two years. I myself studied in Saraswati Shishu Mandir. A lie was also spread that there is egg cake, whereas it is not.” 

For the unversed, the entire controversy started when former MP CM Kamal Nath was seen cutting a temple-shaped cake during his birthday celebrations. His birthday is on Nov 18 but his supporters celebrated it a few days earlier when he was on a 3-day visit to his hometown in Chhindwara.

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