Kamal Nath’s Karnataka-style Promises In MP: 100 Units Maaf, 200 Half, Shivraj Sarkar

Bhopal: Former chief minister Kamal Nath is taking a page out of the successful Karnataka playbook by rolling out a series of enticing promises in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh. With five Congress guarantees already proving to be a winner in one state, Nath is confident that his own set of pledges will sway voters in his favour. 

From waiving 100 units of electricity bills to offering 200 half-price electricity units, Nath is determined to show that he means business when it comes to improving the lives of Madhya Pradesh residents. With his whirlwind tour of the state in full swing, Nath is making it clear that he’s the man for the job, especially when compared to the lacklustre efforts of current Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Firstly, he has pledged to provide 100 units of electricity free of cost and half the charges till 200 units for all citizens. This has been summed up in a catchy slogan: “100 units tak maaf, 200 tak half, Shivraj sarkar saaf.” Secondly, Nath has promised that women in the state will receive Rs 1,500 per month from the government without any pre-conditions. 

These guarantees are sure to catch the attention of the public and make them seriously consider voting for the Congress in the upcoming elections.

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