‘Kashmir Files’ a “Propaganda” said Israeli Filmmaker Nadav at IFFI

Goa: Controversy has started once again surrounding ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie. Vivek Agnihotri’s film, which hit the theaters nine months ago, has once again come into the limelight. Recently the jury head of the International Film Festival of India, Nadav Lapid, has given rise to a new debate by terming the film “vulgar” and calling it “propaganda” during the closing ceremony of the IFFI. The film exposes the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in front of everyone based on true events. On social media, voices are being raised in favor and against the filmmakers.

Condemning the statement of Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid, Anupam Kher has shared a post on social media. The actor also gave an interview to a leading daily in which he said, “If the holocaust was right then the exodus of Kashmiri pandits is also right. This seems pre-planned because immediately after it the tool-kit gang became active. It’s shameful for him to make a statement like this even though he comes from a community of Jews who suffered from the holocaust. So, by making a statement like this, he has also pained those people who suffered this tragedy. I would just say may God give him wisdom so that he doesn’t use the tragedy of thousands of people to fulfill his aim on stage.”

The jury board of the 53rd International Film Festival of India has distanced itself from Israel filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s comments on ‘The Kashmir Files’, terming them as “his personal opinion”. Jury Sudipto Sen tweeted while releasing the statement on behalf of the board. Sharing a post on his social media account, he wrote, “Whatever has been said about the film ‘Kashmir Files’ by Jury President Nadav Lapid from the stage of the closing ceremony of 53rd IFFI is purely his personal opinion. The jury board has never officially said anything about its likes or dislikes.”

Israel’s Council General Kobbi Shoshani is furious over IFFI’s jury head’s remarks. Describing the jury head’s statement as wrong, he said, “When I saw the film, tears started coming out of my eyes. This film was not easy to watch. I think it was also shown in Israel. We are Jews who have suffered terrible things and I think we have to understand the suffering of others.” The 53rd IFFI ceremony at Goa ended yesterday.

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