Kejriwal says “need PM’s blessing” after Winning MCD Elections

Story Highlights
  • AAP breaks 15 years BJP streak in MCD
  • CM Kejriwal thanked public saying “I Love You too”
  • "Never become arrogant", Kejriwal's message to opposition

New Delhi: The massive win of the Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections has broken the 15-year streak of the BJP party. This has made AAP Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal overwhelmed and joyful at the same time. He addressed the public after the results were out by saying “I love you too” and also thanked them for casting their votes wisely. 

In his address to the media and the common public of Delhi, Kejriwal said, “I appeal to all parties and candidates – we have indulged in politics till this point. Now we have to work together. We want the cooperation of BJP and Congress. Together, we will fix Delhi”. He also asked for blessings from the PM and said, “We need the central government’s help. We need the PM and Centre’s aashirvad (blessing).”

The AAP Chief Minister concluded his speech by praising his ministry officials and warning the opponents. “We worked day and night to fix schools, we worked day and night to fix hospitals, today they have given us the responsibility of cleaning up Delhi, ending corruption… There are many responsibilities. Never become arrogant. Arrogance has brought down many greats. People may forgive your arrogance but God never will”, Mr. Kejriwal said. 

Apparently, this is AAP’s first win against BJP in any election format. In the 250-seat house of the MCD, AAP got 134 seats, which is 8 above the majority. The BJP, who remained undefeated for the past 15 years has managed to get 104 seats. They ran a high-profile campaign before the elections which also included PM Modi in one of the campaigns. Congress party on the other hand has stooped down to just 9 seats, keeping up with its decline in the capital. With this record win, AAP manages to get hold of the capital even more firmly after having a good grip on the CM seat over the past 7 years, since coming into power in 2015. 

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