Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi just got real guys! Undertaker challenges Akshay Kumar for a ‘rematch’

Story Highlights
  • Khiladiyoun ka Khiladi celebrates silver jubilee
  • Meme surfaced featuring Akshay Kumar defeating The Undertaker
  • Witty Kumar gives a hilarious response

Bollywood: On successfully completing 25 years of Khiladiyon ka Khiladi, Akshay kumar shared a hilarious meme that surfaced on Twitter.

The Khiladi superstar busted a myth about defeating WWE legend ‘The Undertaker.’ It all started when  Akshay Kumar came across a meme, which showed the actor among a few who had managed to take down the world’s wrestling hero. Taking to his social media handle Kumar wrote,” A fun fact: It was wrestler Brian Lee who played The Undertaker in the film. “

The meme took the social media by a storm of comments from the fans that posted hilarious responses to the meme.

Much after noticing the hype of the meme, Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker took to social media and challenged Akshay Kumar for a real match. He wrote, “Ha! Tell me when you’re ready for a REAL rematch!”

Akshay who is known for his wittiness on and off the screen reverted to the wrestler with a hilarious response leaving social media in splits and wrote, “Let me check on my insurance and get back, bro!”

Screenshots of their conversation are doing rounds on the internet, and have generated a lot of interest among fans.

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