KNP Prepares to Recieve Another Batch of Cheetahs Next Month

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  • 12 new cheetahs to arrive in KNP next month.
  • 8 additional quarantine enclosures prepared so far.
  • KNP at present has 8 Cheetahs that arrived from Namibia in September.

MADHYA PRADESH: In another attempt to welcome the fast animals into the Indian ecosystem, Kuno National Park has initiated preparations for new quarantine enclosures. According to officials, the Kuno National Park is set to receive another batch of cheetahs from South Africa next month.

Atleast 8 quarantine enclosures each measuring 22×50 metres are being prepared for 12 cheetahs. “We have prepared eight quarantine enclosures for arriving 12 cheetahs. But we have been asked to prepare two more. So, we are going to modify the already existing two quarantine bomas, which were prepared for previously arrived eight cheetahs,” said a senior officer of Kuno National Park.

KNP welcomed 8 Cheetash on the 72nd birthday of PM Modi in September. The spotted cats were brought in a special aircraft from Windhoek in Namibia to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and then moved to KNP. Kuno National Park, at present, has eight cheetahs. Their number will increase 20 on the arrival of twelve more cheetahs in future.

The wild cats five females and three males are in the 30-66 months age group and are named Freddy, Alton, Savannah, Sasha, Obaan, Asha, Cibili and Saisa. After their quarantine period got over, the cheetahs were released in larger enclosures, where they started killing their prey and will soon roam in the wild.

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