Kyiv Region and Zaporizhzhia Hit by Fresh strikes: Local Officials

KYIV: Russian forces attack Kyiv region and southeastern city overnight, regional governors say on Thursday as Moscow stepped up its artillery. The strikes caused a fire, which was extinguished, and the local air defense forces have taken out some “enemy objects” from the sky, Oleksiy Kuleba, head of the Kyiv regional military administration. No casualties have been reported.

In Zaporizhzhia, an infrastructure facility is said to have been hit by attacks. The attack caused a fire but no casualties, according to the head of the region’s military administration, Oleksandr Starukh. 

Ever since the Russian missiles, damaged the power source of the country, the energy officials scramble to maintain the power supply across the country. Kyiv as of now faces a 30% deficit in its capacity to generate the power it needs following Russian strikes overnight targeting energy infrastructure, the regional governor said. “Last night the enemy damaged the facilities of the energy infrastructure of our region. A number of critical facilities have been disabled,” Oleksiy Kuleba said in a video clip on the Telegram messaging app. In order to avoid overloading the power grid, authorities have warned of power restrictions in Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr as well.

Meanwhile, a senior official from the Russian Foreign Ministry said that commercial satellites from the US and its allies could become legitimate targets for Russia if they were involved in the war in Ukraine.

On the northern front near Belarus, Ukrainian Defense Dept has boosted its forces to counter any possible renewed Russian attack across the border. Belarus is Russia’s main ally in the conflict and has allowed Russian forces to use its territory as a springboard to attack Ukraine.

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