Ladakh standoff: India-China meet to resolve border tension

India-China border talk has been on the air for quite a few days. The border dispute has threatened a new war between both countries. The tension between the nations has flared up to an extent and both the countries have decided to meet up to resolve the issue. The unresolved tension at the Line of Actual Control has contrived the matter in the pandemic. India has already been dealing up with the growing cases of the coronavirus. 

Both the sides have cordially decided to resolve the border dispute through peaceful discussions by respecting the concerns and attributions of each other in the economic role. Both countries have strong military warfare. The meeting of both the nations will be at Chushul-Moldo border region. 

The meeting which was supposed to begin at around 9 am IST with an informal meeting and greeting among the officials and a breakfast event. The formal delegation-level talks will now begin at around 11.30 am.

During Friday’s meeting, both sides agreed that in accordance with the guidance provided by their leadership, they “should handle their differences through peaceful discussion bearing in mind the importance of respecting each other’s sensitivities, concerns and aspirations and not allow them to become disputes”, the external affairs ministry said in a statement.

From India, Lt Gen Harinder Singh, the commander of 14 Corps along with 10 other officers would be operating the meeting. China would be handled by Major General Lin Liu, Corps Commander, South Xinjiang Military Division and 10 commanding officers from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). 

The ‘unusual scale of violence’ has nominated the tension between the two nations in the last month. The sources said that the Chinese troops had been clocking the patrol check post hindering the monitorization of the routine check-up in the border area. The advent of Chinese troops with  100 tents in two weeks along with some machinery to build up bunkers had been a serious matter of concern in the pandemic. The stone-pelting and similar nuisance had been occurring at the border side. 

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