Lady Locks Self With Son for 3 Years in Fear of COVID-19 Rescued

GURUGRAM: COVID scare still exists. Despite the MOHFW issuing timely advisories and updates on the status of COVID-19 a rare case of self quarantine is surface from Gurugram.

A 33 year old lady along with her child locked herself in her apartment for almost 3 years in the fear of contracting the Coronavirus. The incident is reported from Chakkarpur in Gurugram. Tomato came to the light when her husband an engineer in a private company who had been denied entry to his own home approached the cops at Chakkarpur post.

On his request, a team of police officials, Health Care members, and representatives of child and welfare department broke open into house on the 17th of February and rescued Munmun Majhi and her 10 year old son. To their surprise the house was seen messed up so much so that an untoward situation would prevail if the duo were not rescued. Garbage all around, grocery strewn and piles of clothes were visuals that made it to the internet. The savagery was so much so that the child did not see the sun for 3 years. He used to study at home. The mother used an induction plate to cook instead of gas to avoid repeated cylinder delivery.

It was even more surprising to know that the husband did not enter his home as the lady in 3 years of self quantile denied entry after he stepped out last in 2020 after the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Manjhi was connected to the family through video calls he would pay the monthly rents leave groceries and Essentials at the door and deposit school fees in clear electricity bills and other bills. With failed at times to first wait his wife he stayed in the same colony at a rented accommodation.

The mother, as per reports is said to have fear that her son would die of COVID-19 and so decided to lock herself. After the rescue that you were sent to the civil hospital for a thorough check up.

“The woman has some psychological issues. Both of them are referred to PGI, Rohtak where they are admitted to psychiatric ward for treatment,” said Dr Virender Yadav, Civil Surgeon, Gurugram.

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