Lake in Gujarat Sports Pink Hue, Attracts Visitors

Story Highlights
  • Koreti pond in Suigam village of Banas Kantha district turns pink.
  • Environmentalists concerned on the sudden change.
  • Experts collect water samples to identify cause.

Gujarat: Residents of Gujarat witnessed a surreal sight at the pond near the Suigam village of Banas Kantha district in Gujarat as it turned pink.

As the news spread, people gathered in large numbers to see the pond water. The pond harvests the rain water which is used by the people of the village throughout the year. The villagers believe it to be a miracle of Mahadev’s temple that came nearby.

The water of the pond Koreti, located near the Indo-Pakistan border has raised concern amongst environmentalists. Specialists have been engaged to study the situation. Water samples are being collected to identify the cause.

According to Tehsil Development Officer KA Bhatia, “When we got information about the water turning pink, we immediately sent a team here for investigation. A water sample has been taken. Along with this, people have been told that at present this water should not be used for any reason”.

A month ago a similar condition was seen in Chennai, in lake adjoining the Perungudi dumpyard. Environmentalists claimed the pink colour could be from an algal bloom (cynobacteria) in the lake caused by leachate leak from the dumpyard.

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