Lay Offs to Continue This Week After Twitter Staff Reduces to 50 Percent

As per media reports, Twitter chief Elon Musk is considering continuing to lay off this week as well after he fired 50 percent of the staff citing poor revenue generation.

Since the takeover, Musk has been making radical decisions that have created chaos in the once-widely-used social media company. Several employees refused to sign the ‘Hardcore ultimatum’Repo by the new owner and so departed the firm with severance pay.

The fresh job cuts are expected to target employees in the sales and partnership department of Twitter.

As many as 1200 employees resigned after Musk’s ultimatum on Thursday which also mentioned the offices would remain closed until Monday. Around 75 percent of the staff was shown the exit door on Nov 7 sending Silicon Valley into shock. The cull hit the marketing department hard, taking two-thirds of the design department, and maybe 75% of managers.

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