Layoffs Begin at Twitter India; Confusion Reigns Among Employees

Twitter.Inc began its layoffs on Friday, November 4th, another major move by the Tesla Chief since take over. As per reports, Twitter layoffs in India hovered above employees of the marketing and communication department.

Emails where sent to employees in the last 24 hours notifying them the popular microblogging site had fired them. Employees who were laid off shared their news on Twitter itself. According to sources, as many as 300 employees are under the scanner, however so far there has been no confirmation on the number of Indians sacked.

The move to fire employees en-masse is said to be a part of the Musk-owned company to reduce its 7,500-person workforce as a means to cut operation costs.

Offices were shut down on Friday after company officials said that the employees later in the day through an e-mail will be informed whether they are being laid off.

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