Leg in Cast, Khan Addresses Supporters First Time After Attack

LAHORE: In his first address after the assassination attempt, former Pak PM Imran Khan on Friday belted to a wheelchair said- I got to know the day before the attack that either in Wazirabad of Gujrat, they planned to kill me. Khan was attacked by an unknown assailant on Thursday while he protested in Wazirabad. He was shot 4 times in the leg and was admitted to the Lahore Hospital.

“I was hit by four bullets,” said the former cricket captain, dressed in a blue hospital gown, a drip attached to his arm and a cast on his leg, with the national flag in the background.

The Police in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Friday arrested two more suspects involved in the attack on the former PM. It is believed they had sold the pistol and bullets for PKR 20,000 to Naveed Mohammad Basheer, the assailant who tried to assassinate former premier Imran Khan during a political rally, according to media reports.

Khan is now out of danger and had gone surgery on Thursday. As many as 13 of his supporters were injured and one died in the attack. One was arrested on Thursday who in a video while in police custody was heard saying – i was upset as he’s misleading people and weaning them away from Islam’s tenets.

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