Leopard Rampage in Assam’s Jorhat, 13 Injured

Story Highlights
  • A leopard attacked several people in Assam's Jorhat district
  • 13 injured in the attack including 3 forest officials
  • A video of the leopard pouncing on a moving vehicle surfaced online

Jorhat, Assam: The increasing attacks of wild animals in human localities have become worrying across the country. The attempt to cut off forests and make way for human living is provoking the wild to enter the zone of humans. In another such incident, a leopard attacked several people in Assam’s Jorhat district. In this attack, 13 people including 3 forest personnel have been injured. All have been admitted to the local hospital. 

The forest officials of the Rain Forest Research Institute (RFRI)  were attacked by the leopard. Not only them but the women and children of their families who were residents of the nearby forest colony have also been attacked by the leopard. In one video the leopard is seen roaming around the campus while in another video the leopard is seen jumping over a wired fence to attack a car. 

The forest officials are making attempts to tranquilize and capture the wild animal. On the other hand, injured people are admitted to hospitals and are being treated well. “All injured persons were immediately admitted to a local hospital. All the injured persons are out of danger,” Jorhat SP Mohan Lal said regarding the incident. We should be more aware of the need for the wild to avoid such instances in the future.

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