lIFA 2023: Sara Ali Khan and Rakhi Sawant Add Oomph to the Event

When two powerhouse entertainers like Sara Ali Khan and Rakhi Sawant come together, you can expect a delightful blend of fun and madness. Sara Ali Khan recently shared an amusing clip that perfectly captures their encounter at IIFA 2023. In the video, Sara and Rakhi coincidentally find themselves dressed in matching shades of red, setting the stage for an entertaining exchange.

Sara, noticing the color coordination, playfully remarks to Rakhi, “Tum ne bhi red pehna hai? (You have also worn red?).” Rakhi, never one to miss a chance for wit, responds with a playful twist, declaring, “Haan…I am a red chilli.” Not to be outdone, Sara counters, “I am a red cherry.” This friendly banter sets the tone for the humorous interaction that follows.

With her trademark enthusiasm, Rakhi exclaims, “Haan, mai puri cake lagri hu aur tum mere upar cherry (Yes, I look like the whole cake, while you look like the cherry).” In good spirits, Sara makes a comically disappointed face and retorts, “Baby tujhe paap lagega” – a playful reference to her new song from the upcoming film Zara Hatka Zara Bachke.

Unfazed by Sara’s comment, Rakhi responds with her signature flair, saying, “Mujhe paap lagega? Lagne do. Mai tumhare gaane pe dance karungi aur apne upar bahut sara paap lagaungi (Will I be tainted with sin? Well, I will dance to your song and accept all the sins).” Their exchange showcases the lighthearted camaraderie between the two entertainers, leaving fans in splits.

The video then cuts to Sara and Rakhi dancing together, embracing the joyful atmosphere. The energetic performance concludes with Rakhi playfully lifting Sara off her feet, adding a final touch of whimsy to their delightful encounter. This memorable interaction between Sara Ali Khan and Rakhi Sawant at IIFA 2023 reminds us of the infectious energy and laughter these talented entertainers bring wherever they go. 

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