Liquor In Handpumps Shock MP Police

Guna: A raid at a suspected illegal liquor den in a Guna village led Bhopal police to a shocking discovery. Different Madhya Pradesh police teams were taken aback when they found out that a hand-pump was giving liquor instead of water. The incident took place at a hamlet in Bhanpura village of the district under Chanchoda police station of the district.

“A total of around 1200 liters of illegal liquor was seized during the raid. It is a hamlet where people from Kanjar community live, the population of the hamlet is around 100”, said Ravi Gupta, Chanchoda police station incharge as raids were conducted.

The accused had buried drums of liquor in the ground at a distance of few hundered meters from their residences and has installed a hand-pump over it. The connected drum had liquor. A total of 1200 liters of liquor was seized by the police and more than 400 liters was liquor stored in drums underground.

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