Live Murder Caught On Camera, Businessman Shot Dead

Morena: In a shocking CCTV footage from Bamore town of Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district showed a businessman being shot by a duo while spending time at a shop. The footage showed two men casually walking into a store in Bamore’s Sadar Bazar where Goyal was sitting with another person. After a brief conversation, the two men took out their pistols and fired at a closed range.

The victim Kailash Goyal later succumbed while undergoing treatment at the hospital. the two men seen inside the shop were seen following the assailants. It is still unclear if Goyal was among those in pursuit. As the investigation continues, police has confiscated the CCTV footage and sealed the crime area.

Sources reveal that there was an ongoing dispute in Gwalior over a property owned by Kailashi Goyal. The Bamor police is investigating ig this is the motive behind killing. The crime in Madhya Pradesh is increasing day by day. According to the ‘Crimes in India-2021 report’, Madhya Pradesh is the most unsafe state for senior citizens. The report revealed that crimes against senior citizens is 92.3, higher than the national average of 25.1 (crime rate is calculated as the number of crimes per lakh population).

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