LPG Price Cut: Commercial Gas Gets Cheaper

New Delhi: The commercial LPG depreciated by Rs 25.2 per 19 kg cylinder with immediate effect. However, natural gas is going to cost expensive by 40 per cent to a record level, which will raise the prices of CNG and piped cooking gas.

This is the sixth time the oil companies have revised the price of LPG Commercial cylinders. In June the price was slashed in step with softening international prices. In July and September the price of the 19 kg LPG was slashed by Rs 8.5 and Rs 91.50 respectively.

The price of a 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder was cut to Rs 1,859.50 in the national capital from Rs 1,885. In Kolkata, it has been slashed to ₹1,959 and in Mumbai, it will now cost ₹1811.50. Rates differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes.

It should be noted that there is no change in the rates of LPG used in household kitchens for cooking purposes remained unchanged at Rs 1,053 per 14.2-kg cylinder. The domestic LPG cylinder had undergone a revision on July 6, where Rs 50 were hiked per unit taking the basic price to Rs 1,053 in the national capital.

Likewise, Jet Fuel prices were slashed by 4.5 per cent on Saturday. A drop by cut by Rs 5,521.17, or 4.5 per cent, to Rs 115,520.27 pr kl in the national capital has been recorded. While commercial LPG rates are revised once a month, ATF prices are changed every fortnight. There was no change in jet fuel prices on September 16. Prior to that, they were cut marginally by 0.7 per cent on September 1.

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