Lumpy Virus Alert in Bhopal; Advisory Issued

Story Highlights
  • Advisory issued for Lumpy virus.
  • Vaccination talks in progress.
  • Teams rushed to districts reporting cases of LSD.

Bhopal: The Animal Husbandry and Dairy department of MP have issued an alert in view of the  Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)- a condition were the milk-producing capacity of the livestock reduces. As per the advisory, suspected animals sample has to be sent to State Animal Disease Investigation Laboratory, Bhopal for investigation.

Teams of veterinary department doctors and others have been formed to monitor the cases of the Lumpy virus and to take precautionary measures to save cattle from the spreading of the Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD). According to information by Deputy director veterinary Dr R K Sharma, the vaccination talks are in progress with a Gujarat-based company which will supply the vaccine.

An official press release informed that veterinary doctor’s teams have rushed to various places in the district to monitor the cases of LSD. As per information about 38 cattle are suspected to have been affected by the LSD in the district but will be confirmed only after the receipt of reports of the sample sent to the laboratory. Further developmental block level RRT teams have been constituted to save cattle from the LSD.

In view of the rising cases, infected ones are directed to be isolated and the sale or exhibition of cattle is fully banned.

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