Madhya Pradesh Assembly Monsoon Session Commences Today

Story Highlights
  • 4-day Monsoon Session in Madhya Pradesh to commence today
  • Vidhan Sabha Secretariat's Principal Secretary AP Singh mandates COVID-19 Vaccination to enter the premises during the session
  • Assembly Speaker Gautam and Chief Minister Chouhan to inaugurate an exhibition of bamboo-based products

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Assembly is all set to commence its monsoon session for this year from today onwards in Bhopal. 

The session would continue for four days and conclude on August 12. Issuing an official statement on Sunday, Vidhan Sabha Secretariat’s Principal Secretary AP Singh endorsed COVID-19 vaccination to enter the Assembly during the session. 

During the monsoon session, an exhibition of bamboo-based products is being organized in the Central Hall of the Legislative Assembly, which will be inaugurated by Assembly Speaker Gautam and Chief Minister Chauhan today.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Assembly Speaker convened with all party members to ensure the smooth functioning of the session. 

Sources reveal a booklet constituted by the state Assembly Secretariat that comprised 1,184 questions from legislators, besides 26 Calling Attention notices were released on Sunday. In addition to the question hour, the house would also transact other necessary official business.

Additionally, citing the resurgence, the speaker has restricted visitors gathering in the secretariat premises. 

The monsoon session comes in the backdrop of the floods in the Gwalior-Chambal region. There has been massive destruction of life and property and the issue is likely to attract chaos in the assembly. 

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