Madhya Pradesh CM Takes Stock of Damaged Crop; Promises Compensation

BHOPAL: CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan interacted with the farmers on Tuesday after holding a high level meeting. He took stock of the damage the crops due to unseasonal rains and hailstorms.

Shivraj Singh has announced an aid of Rs 32,000 for the damage of more than 50 percent crop in one hectare land, Rs 37, 000 have been promised as compensation of cow and buffaloes. For the death of sheep and goat Rs 4000 have been promised. He added that the damage to thr houses will be assessed by the municipality following which financial aid will be released accordingly.

“Each farmer’s crop damage will be surveyed with human approach. Farmers who’ve lost over 50 per cent crops will be compensated at Rs 32,000 per hectare rate, the rest will get relief under crop insurance scheme,” he said.

Hailstorm in Patwari Khedi, Ghurda and Madhi villages of Gulabganj tehsil of Vidisha district have caused heavy damage to the crops. A team of Revenue, Agriculture and Panchayat Department is conducting the survey of the crops and the infrastructure damaged due to unseasonal rains. The survey will be completed by March 25 and the compensation will be disbursed accordingly.

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