Madhya Pradesh Grapples with Persistent Rains and Reservoir Surges

Bhopal- A steady downpour has descended upon Madhya Pradesh over the past three days, resulting in a noticeable dip in daytime and nighttime temperatures. Following Bhind, Narsinghpur has also met its regular rainfall quota. In a recent development, substantial showers were recorded in three districts, including Bhopal, Indore, and Jabalpur, on Wednesday, a pattern expected to persist on Thursday. Notably, Bhopal and Jabalpur have been experiencing sporadic showers since morning.

Alerts for significant rainfall have been issued in previously parched areas of the Indore division, including Khargone and Barwani, with heavy downpours anticipated in regions such as Burhanpur, Narmadapuram, Dhar, and Dewas. The IMD Bhopal forecasts rainfall in 31 districts across the state, encompassing Bhopal, Indore, and Jabalpur.

Dr VedPrakash Singh, a senior meteorologist, noted that the recent torrential rains in many districts were driven by an active low-pressure zone, which has weakened. Nevertheless, the prevailing cyclonic circulation is forecasted to cause heavy rainfall as it shifts westwards, coupled with potential lightning strikes in numerous districts. Significant rainfall activity is projected in the state from September 18 to 20.

Meanwhile, the Ban Sujara dam, positioned over the Dhasan River, had to release water through two gates late on Wednesday night, reacting to the relentless rains in Tikamgarh and its upper reaches over two days. This surge has brought the dam to its full capacity of 316.50 meters, causing a 2-meter rise in the lower stretches of the Dhasan River and necessitating the gates to remain open by 0.50 meters to manage the increasing water levels.

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