Madhya Pradesh HC to Develop its Own Live Streaming Platform

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh HC in a big step has decided to step up its own platform for live streaming of court proceedings. Sources informed that the tender for developing the platform was awarded last year to Aurionpro Solutions Ltd., a Mumbai-based company, and the project is worth Rs 190 crore.

As per a statement issued by an official in the process, the platform will enable all 2,000 courts including all benches of high court and subordinate courts operating in the state to live stream and store the proceddings for a period of two months without depending on outside sources. “The platform has been tested in a few courts already in the state, and so far, no hitch has been reported,” said an official linked with the project.

The Supreme Court is also live streaming constitutional bench trials on YouTube and the NIC platform. However, expanding the same to other courts will be difficult due to the type of infrastructure and bandwidth required.

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