Madhya Pradesh Prepares for Fair and Inclusive Elections

Bhopal– Today, the Chief Election Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh, Rajiv Kumar, conducted a press conference in Bhopal to unveil the comprehensive strategies for the forthcoming elections. Emphasising the dedication towards upholding a just and transparent electoral process, Kumar encouraged all eligible voters to cast their ballots with zeal and enthusiasm.

As part of the meticulous preparation, a series of meetings were held with key officials, including the Collector, Chief Secretary, SP, and DGP, to discuss the electoral arrangements. To maintain a peaceful voting environment, para-military forces will be stationed at identified sensitive centres, and stringent measures will be implemented to prevent the misuse of financial resources during the election period.

Special provisions have been instituted to acknowledge the diverse voter demographic, which includes approximately 61.8 million individuals aged above 7 and around 12.8 million people over 19 years old. The electoral pool also consists of nearly 18.86 million first-time voters within the 25 to 52 age bracket, contributing to a staggering total of approximately 230.5 million registered voters.

To ensure smooth conduct and to enhance the female voter turnout, which has been observed to be marginally lower than that of their male counterparts at certain polling stations, focused efforts are being instituted. Moreover, initiatives such as establishing over 362 new polling stations, facilitating remote voting for senior citizens through Form 12D, and setting up model polling booths are in the pipeline.

Addressing the One Nation One Election proposal, Kumar stated that the Commission’s primary responsibility is to organise timely elections, traditionally at the end of a 5-year tenure, but with the provision to announce them six months before the predetermined schedule if necessary.

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