Madhya Pradesh: Traffic Cop Saves a Man’s Life

Gwalior: Recently in Gwalior a road accident took place and a man was severely injured in this case. A lady traffic police officer took him immediately to the hospital without even waiting for the ambulance. Therefore, this helped her to save the life of the severely injured individual.

The reports say that the officer, Sonam Parashar, was on her way home during the night time. She noticed there were many people standing near the city junction. When she went to them and asked about the situation, she got to know that a man has been severely injured in an accident.

She went to the man named Om Prakash and saw that he had severe injuries on his head. So, she called the control room to request an ambulance at the location. Sonam knew that the ambulance would take time and took the help of her colleagues to take the victim to the hospital.

Sonam even did the paperwork for the victim and the members of Om Prakash’s family were also informed about the same. She helped Om Prakash to receive the treatment on time which eventually saved his life. Earlier she also helped an individual who encountered heart attack while on the road.

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