Madhya Pradesh Vaccination Statistics Reports Errors

Story Highlights
  • Vaccination statistcis errors reported from state.
  • Deceased and non vaccinated residents receive vaccination certificate.
  • 5.91 crore benficiaries immunized in the state so far.

Madhya Pradesh: After successfully vaccinating diasporas of Indian citizens on September 17, the nation set a new vaccination record defeating its neighbouring competitor China. Reports from Madhya Pradesh have surfaced that indicated states contribution on the big day that stood over 27 lakh doses included several bizarre errors.

As per the information given in, several residents of the state have been issued vaccination certificates despite being unvaccinated. One such incident is reported from the Aagar-Malwa district, 200 kilometres northwest of capital Bhopal.  The recipient Mr Ashutosh stated that the message read, “Dear Vidya Sharma, you have successfully been vaccinated with your second dose with Covishield on 17th September, when India set a world record in vaccinations.”

This came as a shock for Ashutosh as his mother who is addressed to be vaccinated in the message had lost her battle to COVID-9 four months ago. I have her death certificate in one hand and her vaccination certificate in another…I think a lot of pressure is being put on the officials, to increase the numbers,” Mr Sharma said.

Several residents from across the state have reported receiving vaccination certificates through messages. On being approached over the bizarre errors in the vaccination statistics of the state the state education Health Minister Vishwas Sarang said, “There may be one or two cases, it will be investigated if there is any clerical error.”

So far, as per the data given by the Ministry of Family Health and Welfare the state has vaccinated 5,91,73,579 overall. Out of these 4,59,85,252 beneficiaries were administered the first dose, and 1,31,88,327 have received both the shots. The state aims to conduct another mega vaccination drive on September 27th ensuring the entire state is covered under the first dose.

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