Maha Deputy CM Fadnavis Raged Over “Fake News” Circulation

Mumbai, Maharashtra: In a recent press conference addressed by Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, he thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for approving an “electronic manufacturing cluster” in the state. He also spoke about the “fake narratives” spread by certain sections of the society that most big projects were not given to the state and they were all going out of the hand of the Maharastra govt. 

Regarding these big projects going out of hand and spreading fake news, Fadnavis said, “First about Foxconn, I already mentioned that Subash Desai (former industries minister) said that Foxconn project would not come to Maharashtra. About Tata Airbus project, they are setting a fake narrative. When I come to know that Tata is going to Gujarat but I requested Tata come to Nagpur when we are in Opposition.”

He further said, “When I was the Opposition leader, Tata spokesperson of the project said it was not suitable for business here in Maharashtra. Tata official said to me that they are going to Gujarat one year before. Some people are saying that all projects are going to Gujarat but this is not right. Projects and investments are going to other states, also.”

Notably, the deputy CM says that he is aiming to bring more investors to the state in the coming years. He also expressed his idea of taking the state at the number one position for such business investments that would bring investors to Maharashtra. He urged people to not spread fake news and to also not listen to such news.

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