Main Accused Arrested in Assam: Delhi Police in Bulli Bai App Case

Story Highlights
  • Neeraj Bishnoi, identified as the main culprit.
  • Three others were detained earlier as per the probe.
  • Bulli Bai App targets to demean Muslim Women socially.

New Delhi: The creator of the Bulli Bai App has been detained confirmed the sources from the Delhi police.  Main accused identified as Neeraj Bishnoi has been arrested from Assam. Overall, 4 accused have been nabbed in the case so far.

Earlier on Wednesday, three accused were arrested following a probe into the app that seemed to demean Muslim women by auctioning their morphed images online. However, investigations revealed the conspirators intended to humiliate and intimidate the target women rather than make money.

An outrage was stirred amongst the community as several women lodged complaints claiming their morphed pictures were used on an open-source app called GitHub platform. The app targeted Muslim women to humiliate their existence.  A journalist targeted by the app said, in a police complaint on Sunday that it was an attempt to harass the Muslim women. Her social media post featured her complaint that read- The said ‘GitHub’ is violent, threatening and intending to create a feeling of fear and shame in my mind, as well as in the minds of women in general, and the Muslim community whose women are being targeted in this hateful manner.” Women victims have been demanding an arrest of those behind the act.

The first arrest was made from Bengaluru where a 21-year-old engineering student Vishal Jha was taken into custody. Following which another accused a 19-year-old girl from Uttarakhand was taken into custody.  The latest arrest was on Wednesday when Mayank Agarwal was taken down.

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