Major Flu Outbreak in Kremlin Forces Putin to Isolate

According to Russian sources, a major flu outbreak has hit Kremlin officials. They state that Putin has been spending much time in a bunker like space. The breakout comes on the backdrop of the cancellation of the yearly press conference, reportedly over fears the event will be “hijacked” by those with “anti-war feelings”.

Putin is notoriously obsessed with threats to his health, famously deploying an extremely long table during the pandemic to talk with colleagues and world leaders. There are also rumours he is suffering from a condition as serious as cancer, but it is being kept from the Russian people.

The upsurge in flu comes as Ukraine hit targets deep inside Russia.‘The recent strike on military airfields deep in Russia has caused Putin serious concern, officials said.

Putin normally addresses Russians with a pre-recorded New Year message broadcast at midnight across his country’s 11 time zones. Media reports hint Putin is likely to abandon his address to the upper house of parliament because he has nothing new to say on the war.

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