Man Accused Of Driving Was At Home During Delhi Hit-And-Run Horror: Cops

NEW DELHI: The Delhi police on Friday morning arrested the man shielding the accused who were involved in the car hit and drag case that took place at Kanjhanwala.

“Ashutosh has been arrested. He gave false information to the police,” said special police commissioner Sagar Preet Hooda. The arrest came a day after a lookout notice was issued to Ashutosh and Ankush Khanna, who remained on the run, in shielding the accused was established through CCTV footage and call records.

Meanwhile, in a shocking revelation, it is learned that the man accused of driving the car, Deepak on January 1st was not present in the car at the time of the accident and was informed about the accident through a phone call. “As per investigators, the car was being driven by Amit Khanna, who on hitting the girl asked his cousins Ankush and Deepak to tell the police that Deepak was driving the car. We suspect they were consulting lawyers,” said Chinmoy Biswal, additional police commissioner, on Thursday.

Hooda said the reason for this obfuscation was that Deepak had a driving license while Amit Khanna did not. Ashutosh is a friend of Amit Khanna. Ankush Khanna is Deepak and Amit Khanna’s cousin. “Both of them were not in the car at the time of the accident, but they helped the arrested accused by furnishing false statements before the police.”

The Delhi police also refuted reports of arrest of Nidhi, police said that Nidhi, a friend of the deceased (Anjali) was called by the investigation team to join the probe.”There are media reports that Nidhi (eyewitness) has been arrested by police. It is clarified that she has been called by Police to join the investigation,” Delhi Police official said.

Nidhi- the pillion rider of Anjali in a statement to the media on Tuesday claimed that Anjali was drunk on that day and the latter insisted she ride the bike. However, the family of the victim citing the autopsy reports that mentioned the victim had only food and no abusive substances.

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