Man and Woman of Different Religions Leaving Hotel After Dinner Attacked

INDORE: Two, a man and woman of different religions were man handled and heckled while leaving a hotel after dinner in Indore. Two people who came to the couple’s rescue received stab wounds, a police official said on Friday.

The video of the incident went viral which shows the group of about 20 people surrounding the two and asking the Muslim girl why she having dinner with a Hindu man.

The girl- a pillion on the bike is seen requesting with joined hands to let them go, while one person from the mob lectures the two on Islam. “When the woman and man came out of the hotel after having food, the mob chased and surrounded them and questioned the woman about why she was in the company of a man from a different faith,” Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Raghuvanshi.

In the video the girl is also heard saying that she has the permission of her parents to do so. Commotion ensues as aam out of 20 strong crowd is seen confronting the woman and another from the crowd starts beating Bhavesh, the bike rider.

Bhavesh is said to have sustained injuries and is recieving treatment in the hospital. Two other men who jumped in to help also suffered injuries as they were stabbed by a knife.

Two from the group of 20 have been arrested and a case under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code has been registered. Seven accused have been identified so far said Tukoganj police station in charge Kamlesh Sharma.

CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has called for a strict action against those harassing the couple.

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