Man Commits suicide At His In-Laws’ House

Story Highlights
  • The incident took place in Jogipura –Barkhedi under the Jahangirabad police station.
  • Victim Neeraj Vishwakarma was a driver and resident of Chhola Mandir area.
  • The in-laws' informed that Neeraj was a drunkard and used to harass his wife.

Bhopal: A 22-year-old man allegedly set himself ablaze after pouring petrol over his body at his in-laws’ house in Jehangirabad locality on Saturday. He sustained severe burns and was rushed to a hospital where he died while undergoing treatment. Police said that the deceased Neeraj, 22, a resident of Chhola, was a driver. He got married two years ago.

Due to Neeraj’s habits, frequent disputes took place between the couple over the past few days, said police. The in-laws’ family informed police that Neeraj was a drunkard and used to harass his wife and also his own mother. Fed up with continued harassment, his wife went back to her parents’ home.

A dispute took place between them two days ago after which his mother counselled his wife. She advised her to go to her parent’s house for a few days – which angered Neeraj. He went to her parent’s home in Jogipura around 11 am.  He demanded that his wife be sent back but the family refused and asked him to first leave alcohol. When the family did not agree to send his wife he poured petrol over his body in front of their house.

Before anybody could intervene, he set himself ablaze. He had brought petrol with him. Neighbours and his wife’s family members tried to douse the flames, but he sustained severe burns. He was taken to Hamidia hospital where he died during treatment at 5:00 pm. The police have registered the case and started an investigation.

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