Man-Eating Tiger Moves Freely in the Zarha Forests; Locals Panic

RAIPUR: As per reports, a man-eating tiger in Chhattisgarh was seen in the forests of Sonbhadra Bijapur police station.

Local people have reported having heard the roar of the wild animal since Tuesday night. Following this an alert was issued to stay put and forest officials from Zaraha forest patrolled Lakhwat Mahuli, Byadand, Anjani, and others in the vicinity of the jungle area. Meanwhile, sources also stated that video of the leopard in the forests had spread amongst the locals.

Ranger Rajesh Singh of Zarha forest confirming the speculations said the border of CG has always been a suitable location for tigers to thrive. A caution notice was issued to employees of the NTPC project that is underway in the area.

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