Man, in Delhi was mercilessly beaten to death in front of his teen son allegedly over ₹ 20

New Delhi: In an upsetting occurrence, a man in Delhi was brutally beaten to death before his teenage child purportedly finished ₹ 20, the police said on Monday. The man’s 13-year-old child purportedly attempted to stop the attack and asked the aggressors to save his dad. 

The police have arrested two siblings, Santosh and Saroj, for the homicide of Rupesh last Thursday. The 38-year-old lived in Burari in north Delhi with his significant other and youngsters, the police said. The territory is famous for its crime percentage. 

As indicated by the police, the incident occurred when Rupesh went to a local salon for a shave and was approached to pay ₹ 50. He gave Santosh, the salon proprietor, ₹ 30 saying he would pay the rest later, the police said. 

This prompted a battle that raised to a point where siblings Santosh and Saroj purportedly began whipping Rupesh with a plastic line in their salon.

A clasp of the attack, which seems as though it was shot by a passer-by on their cell phone, has additionally surfaced. The clasp shows how Rupesh’s child attempted to mediate as his dad was beaten. It additionally shows numerous individuals watching the fight yet never helping to support the victim. 

When Rupesh was hurried to the emergency clinic, the doctors declared him dead, the police said.

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