Man Kills Women Over Money Dispute; Keeps Corpse in Car for Days

BILASPUR: As the investigation into the gruesome Shraddha murder case deepens, similar cases are emerging across the country. The recent murder that has taken on to the nerves of the law is reported from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh.

The victim’s body was found in a car in the Kasturba Nagar area of the city late on Saturday evening, Kotwali station house officer Pradeep Arya said on Sunday. According to the police the accused Ashish Sahu was nabbed while he was on the way to dump the body of the victim. Preliminary investigation reveals the girl identified as Priyanka Singh was killed over a money-related dispute with the accused who owns a pharmacy in the Dayalband area. Ashish on being detained confessed to having killed Priyanka over the money-related dispute, the officer said.

Interacting with the media reporters, Pradeep Arya said that Ashish Sahu had befriended Priyanka Singh over time and had allegedly lured her to invest some money in the share market. Initially, Priyanka Singh got Rs 4 lakh to 5 lakh as returns but soon lost Rs 11 lakh. She fell prey to the grisly incident when she demanded her money back on Nov 15 which triggered a heated argument and the accused strangulated her with a scarf. He kept the body in his shop until a foul smell started emanating and then decided to take it to his locality in his car and dump it.

Priyanka Sharma, 24 year old was a student preparing for the Public Service Commission (PSC) exam residing at a hostel in the Dayalbandh area. Her family filed a missing person’s complaint when they were unable to get in touch with her over the last few days. Priyanka was traced by a technical team that spot her mobile location which was last seen at Ashis’s medical shop.

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