Man Lives with Mother’s Dead Body: Police

Story Highlights
  • A mentally disabled man in Kolkata lived with his mother’s dead body.
  • The lady is said be paralyzed from the past two years and stayed with her son from long time.
  • Body sent for autopsy, while son sent to govt hospital for medical assistance.

Kolkata: A man with mental disabilities was found living with the dead body of his mother in Kolkata. The incident is reported from the Garfa area, the police said on Monday.

Chaos took over the place as the lady’s partially composed body was sent for autopsy to ascertain the cause of death while the man was sent to the state-run SSKM hospital for treatment.

As per the preliminary investigation- the dead body is identified as Aruna Dubey, who was in her around sixty years old and lived with her son for several years. The probe has revealed that the husband of the lady, a former Bhabha Atomic Research Centre employee who died in 2021 was recovered in a similar manner after death.

The police reportedly acting on tip-off visited the house, to find the thirty-year-old son lying in a semi-conscious state besides the dead body of his mother. According to sources, it is learnt the lady was suffering from paralysis for the last two years and appears to have passed away a few days ago.

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