Man orders lotion, receives 19K worth headphones; Amazon asks to ‘keep it’

Trending: Imagine looking for a diamond, and finding the mine instead? A somewhat similar incident happened with a man Gautam Rege, just a few days back. The only difference being, instead of the lotion that he ordered, he received a pair headphones worth rupees 19K. Well, now isn’t that the kind of luck we all need in our lives?

Initially, Rege had placed an order for a 300 rupees skin lotion, when the package was delivered he was in utter shock to find it replaced Bose wireless headphones.

And the best part about this? He didn’t had to return it and on top of that he got the 300 rupees refunded back to his account. On calling up customer care of the leading e-commerce company, he was told that he could keep the headphones as the order was non-returnable. What better can happen to one in this lockdown?

Gautam tweeted the entire thing on Twitter and within no time, the tweet had gone viral. The tweet has garnered over 5,500 likes and more than 1,300 retweets. Almost everyone who read it were as shocked as him and the users wanted to know which skin lotion Rege had ordered so that they could try their luck.

Following are some of the best replies to his post:

One user said, “Is the skin lotion still in stock? Please send link.” Another wrote, “I want this scheme too.”

Someone joked, “Hey… I got a skin lotion instead of my Bose earbuds … let’s exchange…” Yet another user tweeted, “Am I the only one worried what the person who actually ordered the Bose earbuds got?”

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