Man Slit’s Woman’s Throat, Video Goes Viral

Story Highlights
  • Blood-smeared body of a woman was found in Mekhla resort room in Jabalpur.
  • Video Goes viral on social media.
  • Such incidents have been repeatedly reported in the past.

Jabalpur: Three days after the blood-smeared body of a 25-year old woman was found in a resort room in Jabalpur, a horrific video shot by her alleged killer, Abhijit Patidar, has now gone viral on social media. The video shows a man hissing ‘Bewafai Nahi Karne Ka’ and lifting a blanket to reveal the woman lying in bed with her throat slit. It has been a week since the incident, however, the police are still on the lookout for Abhijit Patidar.

The blood-smeared body of the victim, Shilpa Jharia, 25, was recovered from a room at Mekhla Resort in Jabalpur. In another victim, the accused has claimed his business partner, Jitendra Kumar was having an affair with the victim.

Abhijit has claimed that victim had borrowed around Rs. 12 lakhs from Jitendra and fled to Jabalpur. Special Superintendent of Police Priyanka Shukla said that Abhijit had stayed at Jitendra’s house for a month.

The incidents of man sliting the throat of his wife or girlfriends have been repeatedly reported in the past. A similar incident was reported on October 12, when a man killed his wife in a fit of rage in Ituanja. On August 14, a man slit the throat of his wife with a machete at a family court in Karnataka as the couple had gone to attend a counselling session after they had filed for a divorce.

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