Man Stripped and Whipped for Allegedly Selling Beef in CG

BILASPUR: A video of two men being stripped and beaten on the road has been making rounds on social media. The incident reported from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh has been brought to the notice of the police. It is said that the case pertains to the illegal selling of beef in the state. A complaint was filed and an FIR has been lodged and the accused have been arrested.

As per a complaint filed by Sumit Nayak two accused identified as Narsingh Das and Ramnivas Mehar were selling beef on their two-wheeler. In the video, a man crowd whips one of the accused half naked while several egg voices as a man record the video.

The police during its investigation recovered around 33.5 kgs of beef from the accused. The accused were presented before court today after being apprehended, a senior police officer said. However, uncertainty prevails regarding the punishment ordered to the duo. There is no information also on whether any action has been taken against the men involved in stripping and whipping the accused on the streets.

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