Man Surprises Wife With Taj Mahal Replica

Story Highlights
  • Man gift his wife a replica of Taj Mahal.
  • Replica built in three years.
  • Resident identified as Anand Chokse of Burhanpur.

Madhya Pradesh: A resident from Madhya Pradesh’s Burhanpur erected a luxury residence as a gift to his wife, just as Shah Jahan built the renowned monument as a sign of love for his wife Mumtaz.

His Taj Mahal-inspired four-bedroom home is an identical replica of the Taj Mahal. Anand Chokse had deep inclination towards the seventh wonder of the world. The copy of the renowned monument took over three years to construct and faced numerous problems, according to the engineer who handled the project.

For the carving inside the house, the Burhanpur resident engaged the artists from Bengal and Indore. According to sources, the house’s dome stands at 29 feet tall and includes Taj Mahal-style pillars. In addition, the replica house’s floor is built of Rajasthan’s ‘Makrana,’ and the furniture is produced by Mumbai artisans.

The house has a large hall, two bedrooms on the first floor, two bedrooms on the second floor, a library, and a meditation room. He even has identical lighting installed in his home so that it shines in the dark like the Taj Mahal.

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