Man Traded Creation for Brand New Bolero

Story Highlights
  • A Maharashtra based blacksmith was offered a classic Bolero for trading his creation.
  • Datattraya had built a mini four wheeler out of abandoned car parts.
  • Anand Mahindra took to Twitter posting pictures of the handover ceremony.

Mahindra chairperson, Anand Mahindra is much in talks, after his firm offered the Maharashtra based blacksmith a classic version Bolero SUV. Trading for his mini four wheeler, Dattaraya was handed over the brand new car.

While being much sure that the local authorities would someday seize the four wheeler, the Mahindra chief decided to barter it with the black smith a month ago. As the inventor accepted the offerr, the industrialist took to his Twitter page to announce the trade.

Sharing pictures of the handover ceremony, Anand Mahindra tweeted, “Delighted that he accepted the offer to exchange his vehicle for a new Bolero. Yesterday his family received the Bolero, and we proudly took charge of his creation. It will be part of our collection of cars of all types at our Research Valley and should inspire us to be resourceful.”

The mini four wheeler was built using abandoned car parts from the realm of automobiles. Investing Rs 60,000 in the creation, Datattraya said he made the car to fulfill his son’s wish.

Over the last few years, Mahindra has been acquiring some antique and unique vehicles for the company’s Auto Museum, and Dattatraya’s mini four-wheeler is likely to be a part of it. Few other vehicles that are on display at Mahindra Research Valley include the old-gen Mahindra Thar that was used in Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Kaala’. There is also a special rickshaw built by a Kerala man, which has been modified to look like a Mahindra Scorpio from the rear. Back then, Mahindra had given the Kerala-based rickshaw driver a brand-new Mahindra Supro mini truck in exchange for his vehicle.

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