Maoists Brutally Killed A ‘Confidential Soilder’

Story Highlights
  • A secret soldier was brutally murdered by the Naxalites with a sharp weapon.
  • The deceased was posted in Katekalyan in Dantewada.
  • Maoists torched a truck and a JCB machine near Cherkanti Patelpara village.

Bijapur: Maoists have killed a secret soldier Ando Ram (45) by attacking him with a sharp weapon. After killing, the body of the soldier was thrown near the CRPF camp on Gangalur road. However, the body has been recovered by the police. It is being told that more than 10 Maoists have carried out this incident on Friday-Saturday night. This has been confirmed by SP Kamlochan Kashyap.

According to the sources, the soldier is a resident of Tungoli of Kutru, a Naxal-affected area of Ando Poyam district. The Naxalites first kidnapped the secret soldier, then attacked him with a sharp weapon and killed him. After which the body was thrown on the road. On Saturday morning, when people passing through that road saw the dead body, they immediately informed the police. The police who reached the spot recovered the body of the soldier and sent it to the district hospital for postmortem.

On Friday in another incident, the Maoists had created a ruckus in the Naxal-affected Cheri Kanti village of the district by taking the labourers hostage. Here 3 vehicles engaged in road construction work were set on fire. The Naxalites, who arrived in rural costumes, had also kept the workers engaged in construction work as hostages for a long time. Then the diesel tank of JCB, Poklane and a Hiva vehicle was set on fire. Along with this, the labourers were released after instructing them not to do continue construction work.

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