Married Women to be Given Job under Compassionate Appointment

BHOPAL: Under the Anukampa policy, the Shivraj Singh Chauhan cabinet has decided to provide a compassionate appointment to married women.

According to sources, the SS administration will induct the first lady under the policy following the orders of the High Court. It is being learnt that around 550 cases of compassionate appointments are pending in the state.

What is the compassionate policy?

Under the compassionate policy, if a government employee dies during the job, then a job is given to a member of his family. Apart from this, financial assistance is also given to his family.

Benefits under the scheme include

Job for the wife of the deceased govt servant or any individual fully dependent on the deceased.

f the deceased government servant does not have an eligible member, the widowed daughter-in-law who is living with the government servant at the time of his death will be appointed in his place.

Earlier unmarried daughters only used to get benefits under this scheme.

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