Massive Crowd Seen in Moradabad, Ghazipur Vegetable Markets Amid Covid-19

Story Highlights
  • People and shopkeepers of Moradabad and Ghazipur markets were seen breaking the rules of Covid-19
  • Two visitors at the market stated that the police themselves were not wearing masks
  • UP reported about 2,070 fresh Covid-19 cases on Friday

New Delhi: The Covid-19 cases are increasing on a huge scale. And despite the surge, on Saturday morning, a huge crowd was seen at the vegetable market of Moradabad and Ghazipur.

People gathered in huge numbers at the markets breaking the social distance rule. There were no volunteers or authorities seen managing the crowd. Most of the customers and shopkeepers were seen breaking the guidelines of Covid-19.

A visitor at the Ghazipur market said, “Covid-19 cases are rising. People are taking the threat lightly. They are not wearing a mask and not following social distancing norms in the market. Cases are increasing in Delhi”.

Another visitor, Vishal, who was present in the market said, “80% of people are roaming around without any masks. Police at the gates are not checking the compliance with Covid-19 guidelines in the market. Police themselves are not wearing masks. If the situation continues like this, we will go into another lockdown”.

To contain the surge of Covid-19 infections, the Government of UP has extended the closure of the schools till April 11. UP reported about 2,070 fresh Covid-19 cases on Friday. On Saturday morning, the Union Health Ministry reported about 90,000 Covid cases in the last 24 hours in the country. 

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