Massive Gas leakage in Vishakhapatnam; killed 10 & more than thousands admitted

A gas leak incident took place at the LG Polymer plant at Gopalapatnam on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam in the early hours of Thursday. PM calls an emergency meeting with Disaster Management authority

VIZAG: According to the updates, an accident due to a gas leakage from a chemical plant near Vishakhapatnam has killed 10 people and more than 5,000 people have fallen sick. The leakage happened around 3AM at LG Polymers Industry at RR Venkatapuram near Naiduthota area close to Gopalapatnam.

At least 800 people were reportedly admitted to hospital. Ambulances, fire engines and policemen rushed to the chemical plant. Thousands of people were evacuated from the nearby villages, government officials told.

Srijana Gummalla, Commissioner, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation told that the local villagers informed the officials around 3.30 am today about the presence of gas in the air.

It caused panic among locals in the 3km-radius area as many of them were found unconscious on roads while some found it difficult to breathe. Many people have complained of rashes on their body and sore eyes too.

Municipal Corporation urged the residents to stay indoors through a tweet, “There is gas leakage identified at LG Polymers in Gopalapatnam. Requesting Citizens around these locations not to come out of houses for the sake of safety precautions.”

An emergency meeting with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) official has been called by PM Modi on Thursday to discuss the accident and possible measures to ensure safety of the people.

PM Narendra Modi also took to his twitter handle to inform that the situation is being monitored closely and prayed for everyone’s safety and well being.

The plant operated by LG Polymers was located in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam. The city and the surrounding area were home to around five million people. The plant was shut since late March due to coronavirus lockdown.

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